Best Flameless Tealights + Bonus Luminary Bag Set, 24 Battery Operated LED Tea Lights & 12 Star Cutout Luminary Bags, Fake Candles with Realistic Flame, 80+ Hours of Safe LED Flamesless Candlelight

$19.97 $20.97

  1. Battery operated
  2. 24-piece pack
  3. Fits in any tea light holder
  4. Smoke-free and cool to the touch
  5. Simple switch on the bottom
  6. Bonus - 12 Luminary bags

UPC 820103237871

    • 🕯 SPARK THE ROMANCE WITHOUT THE FIRE HAZARD… Do you love the romantic effect of soft lighting, but don’t want to worry about the dangers of real fire? If so, then you will love our premium Battery Operated Tea Light Candles and Luminary Bags. It gives you the perfect amount of low light for 80+ hours of delight!

    • 🌟 SAVE YOUR SANITY! If you’ve ever tried to light hundreds of tea light candles, then you know what a pain it can be— literally. Not only does it take tons of time manually lighting a flame, but you may run the risk of burning your fingers from using a lighter or matches. You’ll save time and money using our reusable flameless LED tealights!

    • 🕯 MAKE YOUR DAY MEMORABLE— Are you looking for ways to make your upcoming party extra special? Our 24 Premium Tea Lights & 12 Gorgeous Luminary Bag Set are the perfect way to add magic to your Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, and other important holiday events!

    • 🌟 100% SAFER THAN TRADITIONAL CANDLES! Did you know that real candles emit harmful toxins into the air, and can also be an extremely dangerous fire hazard? Now you don’t have to stress using our fake candles with realistic flames instead! They are 100% flame-free, which makes them safe to use in your beautiful home around kids, pets, and plants.

    • 🕯 ENJOY OUR 80+ HOUR BATTERY LIFE GUARANTEE— We know you love high quality and deluxe value, and that’s why we created our Frux Home & Yard Tealight Candle + Luminary Set! We promise that your candles will last 80+ hours, or we will offer you a full money-back refund! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, knowing you are getting the best!

    No heat candle that is safe around children and pets. They are excellent for use with kids crafts and as a night light. A must have for use with boats and recreational vehicles (RV's) as most insurance companies prohibit the use of real candles inside these vehicles. They are safe to use at venues and events which do not allow real candles. Our LED Tea Lights are perfect for tents, sleepovers, candle lit dinners, lighting under plants or any other heat sensitive items; weddings, parties, gardens, patios, decks, restaurants, paper luminary bags and lanterns, kids projects, mantles, centerpieces, displays, the list is limited only by your imagination!


    We recommend the use of LED Tea Lights with all candle bags. Even though Frux Home and Yard Candle Bags are made with fire retardant material, please take care if using conventional candles and never leave a lit candle unattended.

    • Keep lit candles away from children and pets
    • Obey local laws and safety warnings
    • Ensure there is at least 3 ft cleared space around the candle bags
    • Only use on a flat and even surface
    • Do not use in high wind conditions
    • Using sand or stones to weigh down the bag will help prevent it from getting knocked over or blown over by wind

    Frux Home and Yard takes no responsibility for fire or damage caused by the unlawful use of our candle bags.

    To Set Up Tea Lights “Tea

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