3 Piece Flickering Flameless LED Wax Pillar Candles Set with Remote Control and BONUS LED Ball Candle

$19.97 $29.97

  • Decorate with any situation or color! Use your remote control and command up to 12 color options so you can set the right mood with any décor! The remote control also has a 4 hour and 8 hour timer function and can be set to flicker just like a real flame or provide a unique decorative option by staying in steady light mode.
  • Batteries are always included with Frux Home and Yard! Each pillar candle comes with 3 AAA batteries pre-installed and the bonus wax ball candle uses economical CR2032 button cell batteries (also included). The remote control operates all the candles, including the bonus ball candle.
  • 4 sizes ensure you can put your candles where you want them! The 3 pillar candles are 10, 12 and 15cm high x 7.5cm wide and the bonus ball candle is 7 m high x 7.5cm wide. (note: the bonis ball candle glows in a different shade from the pillars)
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: FHY-1409001-2PK
    Manufacturer Part Number: FHY-1409001-4PK

Remote Control Guide Remote Model: FHY-1409001

These are battery-operated candles designed to illuminate and accent any room of your home or provide lighting during the evening outdoors. These candles are as close to the real effects of a candle as possible. Each candle operates on 3 x 1.SV AAA batteries (included) and because they do not have a real flame, they are safe to use almost anywhere, even near fabric and curtains. And because they do not get hot to the touch, are completely safe near children and pets. Please note: The LED Candles are coated with real wax. Do not leave in hot sunlight, use outdoors if it is raining or keep outside permanently (they are NOT completely weatherproof).


The first time you use your candles, be sure to remove the plastic insulating tab protruding from the battery cover. To turn on your candle, move the On/Off Switch on the base of the Candle to the "On" position. To preserve battery life, switch unit to the "off'' position when you are finished using the candles. Ensure the insulating tab has been removed from the remote control battery cover as well.

Battery Use & Replacement Instructions:
  • 1. Open the compartment on the bottom of each candle.
  • 2. Insert 3 x AAA 1.SV batteries into each candle. Do not mix different battery types. If candles do not operate, check battery polarity or replace old batteries with new.
Pillar Candles Image Warnings & Cautions:
  • Do not expose the candles to heavy rain or excessive moisture.
  • Do not store or expose the candles in/to temperatures in excess of 20 ° C.
  • Do not dispose of the batteries in normal household garbage. Take exhausted batteries to your local approved battery recycling center for disposal.
  • Do not throw batteries into fires as they may explode and cause serious injury or death.
  • Do not mix different battery types or brands. i.e Alkaline and re-chargeable.
Do not dispose of this product when it has reached the end of its useful life with normal household garbage. Please take it to your local approved electrical waste recycling center for disposal. Please retain for future reference.

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