Sparkle Like You Mean It! String Lights For Every Season

The holiday season and casual get-togethers are a wonderful opportunity for people to spend some quality time with their families and friends. Of course, these events can become even more special if they are enhanced by interesting decorations, such as the Lunaxia Multi-colored/White String lights. These lantern string lights are suitable for every season, with their ability to create a sparkly ambiance for you and your guests anytime needed. In fact, these string lights are versatile enough to earn a place in various festive events and serve as a tool in various decoration ideas: 

cats and ghosts

1. Halloween decoration idea

When it comes to planning a party for Halloween, spooky decorations are a must, and there is no better way to enhance the creepiness of a room, than with creatively used string lights. A great option for any Halloween enthusiasts is to make the "black cats & friendly ghosts" decoration. First, draw cats on black card stock, and ghosts on white card stock, and then cut them out. Next, punch holes in the place of the eyes, and attach the cats and ghosts on the string lights by putting each light through each eye. Lastly, hang the decoration and watch as the eyes of the black cats and friendly ghosts sparkle in an eerie way. 

cats and ghosts

2. Christmas decoration idea 

Christmas is always a time to decorate the house in a lavishing way, and the Lunaxia Multi-colored/White String lights are an excellent choice to do so. In small spaces, these string lights can even serve as an alternative to a Christmas tree. For this decoration, all you have to do is position these lantern string lights on the wall in a way that resembles a tree. This is also an eco-friendly, tree-saving, option for a Christmas tree, as no actual trees are cut down for this purpose. 

rope light

3. Everyday decoration idea 

It is vital to ensure that a home is always decorated, for casual get-togethers on a daily-basis. A lovely way to use these string lights for everyday decoration is to create a rope light strand. For this simple decoration, all you need to do is twist the light strings together with a thick rope. This decoration can then be placed on a bookshelf, on the floor, or even hung on a decorative hook. 

origami lights

4. New Year's Eve decoration idea 

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to bring out the best decorations and make a room trully sparkle. Those fond of origami can create wonderful origami decorations, made even more appealing by the inclusion of string lights. Finding an origami template is key, and creative hights have no limits here. For example, you can make origami flowers and punch a hole in their middles, in order to put string lights in them. Afterwards, you can hang them anywere and whatch as your origami pieces sparkle in the craziest night of the year. 

All in all, whether the event is a festive one, such as a Christmas dinner, a Halloween party, a New Year's Eve festivity or a casual one, such as a get-together, the Lunaxia Multi-colored/White String lights will always complement it to the fullest. 


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