Frux Home And Yard Announces Its First Amazon Video Short For Their Top-Selling Flameless Tea Light Set

Frux Home and Yard is pleased to announce its first Amazon video short featuring the company's Flameless Tea Light Set. This short-form video content feature recently added by Amazon includes a mix of music videos, movie and game trailers, how-to videos and explainer videos to help online shoppers make the right choice of purchase. In this one and a half minute video short, customers are able to learn more about our flameless tea light set through a step by step unboxing of the item including what's in the box, how to set up your item and information on exclusive offers. You can view the flameless tea lights video on


copper decorative wraps
Frux Home and Yard Flameless Tea Lights are smokeless, flameless, LED candles that are sure to make an excellent addition to your home decor. These battery operated candles present a simple, safe and convenient alternative to traditional candles creating a soothing and inviting space that lasts for over 80 hours. The set also includes laser cut decorative wraps that give your room a unique flair with its exquisite patterns to supplement your candles. Some of the candles' key benefits over the conventional ones include:


1. No Cleaning Up after Them
We are all too familiar with the overwhelming hassle of cleaning up after wax candles. With Frux's flameless candles, all that wiping and scrubbing will be a thing of the past since the candles contain no wax.

2. Creates Ambience in Seconds.

With a simple flick of a switch, you can turn a dull atmosphere into a lively and cosy environment with these flameless candles. These flameless candles are great for relaxing and unwinding after a long and exhausting day or for setting the mood right (if you know what I mean). Furthermore, these lithium battery operated candles can last well over 80 hours, literally a night and a day away from conventional wax candles.


3. Super Safe
Frux flameless tea light candles are very safe to use anywhere, even around children. Unlike traditional candles, these flameless candles do not contain dangerous unexposed flames which may accidentally cause fires. The candles are also smokeless and therefore don't pose a health risk especially to the asthmatic.


4. Comes With Unique Wraps
Your living space will come to life with incredible wraps that come included with these flameless candles. These added accessories are intricately designed to give off incredible patterns that accentuate your living space. Unlike wax candles, these flameless candles do not put the wraps at risk of burning and are therefore very easy to handle. Furthermore, the wraps are incredibly easy to put together as shown in the video-short. Next time you have a dinner party, be sure to grace your occasion with these amazing candles.


Our tealights come with the following design options and colors for the wraps.

decorative tealight holders 

5. Cost Effective
Nothing shouts bang for buck more than our flameless candles. With all its benefits over traditional wax candles, Frux's tea light candles could as well cost an arm and a leg. Surprisingly, our flameless candles are budget-friendly and absolutely worth it in the long run. 


Our goal is to ensure that all our customers have an incredible customer experience from the very beginning of your relationship with us. That means that before you invest in us, we need to invest in you and that means making sure we provide you as much information as possible to make the most educated decision possible.

To help with that we have updated our flameless tea light wraps and holders on amazon listing to include a detailed user manual to answer all your questions. 


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