Valentine’s Day Decorations To Make At Home

DIY Floating Flowers With Flameless LED Tea Lights

When you combine fake flowers with Frux Home and Yard's flameless tea lights, you can create a bouquet of wonderful glowing decorations. You can use them as a unique centrepiece, outside on the patio, to decorate a room for Valentine's day or have them around the house all year for a touch of whimsical soft flickering light.

DIY Flameless Floating Tea Light Flowers with Flameless Tea Lights Instructions Below 

DIY Supplies:

i. Frux Home and Yard LED Flameless Tea Lights


ii. Plastic bowls
iii. Glue gun
iv. Scissors
v. Clear plastic spoons
vi. Fake flowers

Steps for DIY Flameless Floating Tea Light Flowers with Flameless Tea Lights

Step 1:
Start by breaking the stem off of the clear plastic spoons, you’ll want to get clear ones instead of white so that the light from the tea light can shine through. Take the petals off of the flower, you may need to cut them apart.


Step 2:
Glue the rose petals onto the spoons so that the natural curve of the petal matches the outside of the spoon. You’ll need around 8 to make a nice full flower.


Step 3:
Take the glue gun and do the first layer of petals a bit higher on the base. Then do the second layer of petals lower around the base of the tea light.


Step 4:
Next, you’ll want to take the smaller petals and glue them around the base to hide the spoons.


Step 5:
For the floating base I chose plastic disposable bowls and trimmed the top off with scissors.

Step 6:
To hide the bowl glue the leaves from your flower around the edge.

Now your flower is done! The flower sits and floats on the base and allows you to turn the tea light on and off easily. These make wonderful centrepieces that provide a lovely and romantic flickering light.

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  • Natalie Reese: February 07, 2017

    I’m going to do this with red an white roses :D !

  • Jess S. : February 07, 2017

    Loving the floating idea -so easy and looks SO CUTE! Can’t wait to try it, thanks!

  • Kati: February 07, 2017

    Love the way the flowers glow it looks like a fairy tale!

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