Budget Friendly Decoration Solutions with Flameless Tealights

Tea lights are a wonderful product - small, budget-friendly, candles that give a warmth and environment to your home. The biggest issue with tea lights though is how little time they last, and how inefficient they are, not to mention the danger of a live flame in your house. The average tea light burns out relatively quickly - within 2-3 hours - without using all of the wax either, leaving you with a bunch of little tins of wax that feel like they should still light and work but will not. This is where Frux Tea Lights come in. 

Frux tea lights are tea lights without the annoyances. Same size and shape but without the need to light them on fire. This isn't only more safe, but much less money and time consuming to deal with than their waxy counterparts. These are battery operated LED lit flames that give you the same feeling of a burning tea light without the need for fire and dripping wax in your home.

These tea lights are wonderful for decoration (as most tea lights are) but without the frustration. You can put these anywhere in your home - your mantles, desks, cabinets, tables - anywhere, without needing to worry about starting a fire in your home. These are safe tea lights that just add that cozy touch to your home be it the holidays, a party, or just relaxing in your own space. The Frux tea lights can be put into jars or containers to add a nice touch of decoration the the light itself, or they can just sit alone in the open - the choice is yours - but enough talking about how useful they are in comparison to other tea lights, let's get into ideas on where and how to decorate with these, knowing there's no risk of fire hazard or wax to get knocked over.

tealights on Mantel

Frux makes these tea lights with decoration in mind. You can place these lights on your mantle and surround them with garlands to light up the holidays, or even into glasses to really disperse the light and brighten your room, but we haven't even gotten to the best part - the wraps. These little candles come with decorative wraps that disperse the light on their own into beautiful patterns and styles to fit your own. Can't think of where or how to place your Frux tea lights? No worries, the wraps will give you the answer if you aren't sure, giving your candles and home a touch of classiness, making others think that you've invested a good amount of time and money into your home decor, when in fact, it couldn't be easier. For an effortless way to co-ordinate with your existing decor and color scheme try adding the decorative wraps in a metallic gold or white, now on sale for Amazon Prime Members!

amazon prime sale

Mood lighting and decoration has never been simpler. Frux tea lights can stand alone or with other decorations on your mantle to make a boring or gloomy room into one that feels cozy and fun. No need to deal with wax, lighting candles, open flames, or any of the other things that come with regular tea lights, these will give you everything you want from a candle and more without the problems. Frux tea lights are an incredible (and easy) investment into decorating your home with ease.


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