Cooking To Relieve Anxiety - Why Cooking Is The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Anxiety is normal to all humans and people have different ways of dealing with the situation. Some people watch TV, others grab a bottle of wine and some vent to friends. Cooking can be the best way of getting rid of stress and anxiety. This is because cooking good food is healthy and pocket-friendly. Cooking makes you concentrate on what you are preparing, therefore, your mind focuses on the food. In addition, it is satisfying because you get to eat what you create after!

Psychology Today says "Culinary therapy is the treatment du jour at a growing number of mental health clinics and therapists' offices." According to health experts, cooking can help to relieve depression, anxiety as well as eating disorders, ADHD and addiction and is a part of many marriage and family counseling because of its many benefits. Cooking is one way of meditating since you chop, whisk and stir. Furthermore, improved diet is a healthy diet which raises the amount of Serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a happiness hormone and helps in avoiding stress.

cooking to relieve anxietyPsychology refers to cooking as a behavioral action, and this is because one has to engage and be mentally present so that a good meal can be prepared. The process of tasting, judging if it is ready and increasing or lowering the heat means you are concentrating on what you are cooking alone, nothing else. As a result, you relieve yourself of stress and anxiety. 

Furthermore, cooking can be a way of lowering blood pressure, cooking allows you control the amount of sodium that you take, unlike dining out where you eat what has already been cooked leaving you not knowing the amount of sodium used. Additionally, when cooking, you cannot multitask since all you care about is not to get the food get burnt. As a result, what you were thinking about is pushed aside and your concentration is shifted to your food.

You can also choose to look for a partner to cook with too since the both of you will be suggesting on good ideas of preparing a meal, a new recipe that you want to try out, how to make a dessert and many more. In the process, the good communication helps freshen your mind. A connection is created and there is co-operation between the two of you.

In today's society, it's hard to carve out time to cook a meal at home for yourself and family but the reward of clearing your mind and focusing on your food is well worth it! Making sure you have the basics covered is key, a recipe you'd like to try handy, as well as a full pantry, will allow you to try new things and get creative too!

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When you cook, the outcome is always a good one. Therefore, the fact that you are productive gives a positive attitude and helps in letting go of the depression and the sadness in your mind and heart. Go to the kitchen, come up with a new recipe, cook the way you always do and enjoy it. After all the chopping and the sound of your knife hitting the board, the sound of the pressure inside your cooker, the scent of the delicious food you are cooking, all of these put an end to anxiety.


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