Christmas Decorations To Make At Home

DIY Apothecary Snow Village With Fairy Star Lights


When you combine apothecary jars with fairy star lights, you can create an endless array of elegant yet traditional or chic Christmas displays. What I especially love about using the fairy star lights with this DIY craft is they are not bulky like other string lights and so once complete you don't see big bulky wires, instead your focus is on the scenery and the lights, as it should be.

These are easy and fun to make and will be sure to have all your guests admiring your creative touch.

DIY Apothecary Snow Village With Fairy Star Lights Supplies List & Instructions Below (Be Creative and Most of All... HAVE FUN!) 

DIY Christmas decorations to make at home


DIY Supplies:

i. Fairy star lights.


Supplies - Frux Home & Yard Fairy Star Lights
ii. 3-5 apothecary jars.

Supplies - 3 Apocathary Jars

iii. Fake snow.
Supplies - Fake Poleyster Snow

iv. Little villages and accessories. 

Supplies - Miniature Snow Village & People

    v. Hanging Tin Stars (Alternative Design to Village Miniatures).

    Since I personally love industrial interior design, I also did a variation with a tin snowflake focus, using these Hanging Tin Stars...

    Supplies - Hanging Tin Stars

    All of these supplies are available at most arts and craft shops but since the apothecary jars and villages can add up I waited for Michaels to have one of their crazy 25-50% off everything sales.


    Before getting started, you will want to design your jars where you plan to have them on display, it’s much easier than trying to move them once they are completed.

    Steps For Apothecary Snow Village with Fairy Star Lights

    Step 1: 

    After washing the jars so they are glimmering clean and dry, I filled them each about 1/3 full with the fake snow.

    Steps 1 - Apothecary jars filled halfway with fake snow

    Step 2: 

    Plug in the fairy star lights so you can account for the length required to reach the outlet before adding the lights to the first apothecary jar.  

    Once you reach your starting point on the string of fairy star lights, bend the copper wire over the rim of the jar to help you hold in place while you add several feet of wire to the inside of the jar.

    Step 3:

    Press the lights down into the snow and add another layer of snow on top to cover up the lights entirely.

    Steps - Bury Fairy Star Lights in Snow

    Step 4

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining jars.  Simply run the fairy star lights into and out of each jar adding about the same amount of wire to each.  I experimented with this process and also decided to leave a little extra wire around the top of each jar to add more twinkle.

    Step 5

    You are now ready to create your little village! Simply place the villages and accessories on top of the layer of snow in each jar.  Replace the lids, turn on your fairy star lights and enjoy your magical little village. Enjoy :) 

    Finished DIY Project of Snow Village Design

    This is where you can get your creative juices flowing. Alternatively, as I mentioned earlier, you can add other holiday decor, like unravelled ribbon, glass christmas bulbs or these tin snowflakes like I did!

    All you need in addition to above is a glue gun and twine.  I tied longer pieces of twine onto the snowflakes so that when they were glues to the top of the glass lid the hung at a nice length inside the jar.

    Hot Glue and Twine to Hold Hanging Stars

    Do It Yourself Apothecary with Snow and Hanging Tine Stars

    Do It Yourself Apothecary with Snow and Hanging Tine Stars - Black Background

    Do It Yourself Apothecary with Snow and Hanging Tine Stars on Piano

    Do You Love Them?

    If you like or love them, or have ideas to share about this craft, please comment below and PLEASE SHARE, it will encourage us to make more quality crafts like this! 

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    • Cam Walsh: November 25, 2016

      DEFINITELY going to set up a row of these beautiful jars on the mantel above our stockings – it will be perfect!

    • Amanda Blackstolck: November 25, 2016

      I just LOVE how the snow lights up with the lights used in this DIY craft! Going to get Apothecary Jars now to try it out!

    • Patricia Harley: November 25, 2016

      I can’t wait to try this to decorate for my Christmas party! Great idea!

    • Maddy Theri: November 25, 2016

      Oh I love the apothecary jars with those little lights!!!! What a great idea, I know what I’m doing this weekend! Thanks for the inspo!

    • Carrie: November 25, 2016

      This is fabulous, I was looking for some christmas decorations to make at home and this is very classy looking. Happy holidays!

    • Nora Davidson: November 24, 2016

      I love this! The hanging stars are a wonderful alternative but the christmas scene is so cute. Thanks for creating this.

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