Just in Time for the Holidays - The Best Hostess / Host Gift For 2017!

If you are looking to surprise a host with a unique hostess gift, search no more! The Metro two-bottle tote bag is what you need. This bag is endowed with great qualities. By gifting the Metro two- bottle tote bag, you give one the ability to enjoy an excellent picnic all in one bag. 

The Metro two-bottle wine tote bag has sufficient space as it fits two wine bottles and plenty of foods giving a trailblazing experience. Indeed, this would be the best host gift to individuals with a high proclivity for wine. Well, in this article, I will help you understand why this bag is a fantastic hostess gift idea by discussing its most essential qualities. So grab a cup of coffee and read on!


wine tote portable

1. Ease of portibility

The metro tote bag has a lightweight of two pounds only. Be it on camping, trips to the beach or picnics, this bag is ideal for enjoying wine on the go. Furthermore, the product has measurements of 9.3 by 17.2 by 3.7 inches. These dimensions make its portability easy.

The metro two-bottle bag has stalwart handles that guarantee comfort when carrying. This feature makes it one of the best host gift as it can be used by guests for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In cases where you host wine tasting parties, the bag would be very useful to you and your guests when carrying wine.


2. Perfect auxiliary equipment

tote black for wine

The bag comes with necessary supplementary equipment in its side pocket making it a fantastic hostess gift idea. The set includes one Truetap corkscrew, one bottle stopper, two napkins and two acrylic wine glasses. These auxiliary equipment ensure maximum real-time pleasure. The extra equipment ensures that the package is complete.


3. Insulated compartments

What good is a bag if it cannot guarantee the durability of its contents? This insulated compartments fit two bottles and ensure they are not subject to cracks due to external variations. The compartments also provide a serene environment that ensures the wine and other foodstuff inside are fresh for a long time. 

These compartments also are designed to give a sense of style to the bag. The compartments have a unique outlook makes them attractive.
tote wine bag accessories

4. Spacious compartments

The Metro two-bottle bag has sufficient internal space taht fits all contents perfectly. In addition to the two wine bottles, one can also carry plenty of food in the bag. The spacious compartments guarantee that the food is not squeezed and maintains its shape.
Whether you plan to carry a Spanish red to match it with pizza or you desire to carry simple foodstuff for get together parties, this bag suits all your needs. However, it would be efficient to have easy eats carried along with wine.

TRUE 2-Bottle Metro Tote bag


5. Suits different event types

The bag's flexibility to suit different type of occassions is an eminet feature that qualifies it as an amazing hostess gift idea. This bag is perfect for traveling, camping, picnics among others.

The kit is designed in a classic way that makes it ideal for different events and occasions.The bags come in different colors. Therefore, depending on the theme of your choice, you can choose the color that you like.

In conclusion, the discussed features above are just but a few to display the bag's uniqueness. The qualities make this bag a go-to host gift as it proves creativity in hostess gift ideas. This kit can be gifted on holiday parties, housewarmings, Thanksgiving and Christmas among others. Gift the Metro two-bottle bag to your host along with her favorite bottle of wine and expect to be rewarded a nightcap during your stay.


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