Take Your Next Get Together To Another Level With These Fun Party Apps And Games!

Picture the are hosting a party with friends. There is food, drink, music, conversation but something is missing, some entertainment! A game can instantly take a party from an 8 to a 10 and there are many group party games for Smartphones and Tablets. Let's take a look at the best ones, so you can guarantee an amazing energy amongst you and your friends all night long.

heads up

1. Heads Up!

This is very popular and one of the best party game apps for groups. It is a charades type game, with different categories that you can choose from. The game will then generate a word, which needs to be acted out. One person guesses what the word is, while the rest of the group act it out. This game promises lots of giggles, because it even makes a short recording of the the action unfolding which can be viewed afterwards. 

2. Sing! Karaoke

No party is complete without singing, so get all your friends involved in this classic karaoke game. Sing! Karaoke can be set up so the song lyrics are displayed on your TV screen. Use your phone itself as the microphone and check out all the classic karaoke hits that are available to sing. This game is even more fun to play after a few drinks!

Dance Party

3. Dance Party

Singing has been covered but what party is complete without a friendly dance off with friends? This game starts off with all the players imitating an on screen dancer but then the fun really begins. You can take turns with the "pass and play" mode but what's really fun to do especially during a group party, is to link multiple iPhones up to the tv and have a dance off. The game will give out "points", which will help to decide the winner. 

4. Bloop

A simple yet fun game that has to be played with a maximum of 4 people. There is a chessboard on the tablet and each player is assigned a different color. When the timer starts, the players start tapping the squares in unison to change them into their color. As the game goes on, the squares get smaller and the play gets even more frantic. Whoever dominates the majority of their board with their color by the time the game ends, is the winner. 
king of the opera

5. King Of Opera

Ever wanted to body slam your friends? Well you can do with this fun game. This is a fighting game where each player in an opera singer, trying to steal their competitors limelight. Each player has a section of each corner of the tablet, where they can body slam other tenors off the board to claim their victorious title. 
who cant draw

6. Who Can't Draw?

This is one of the best party game apps for groups and it allows players to get creative. Each player will take their own turn to be given a word and draw that on the screen of the tablet. They only have a limited of time to do this and the other players have to guess what is being drawn. The last player then has to award "best and worst drawer" for each round. 

Rotate between some of these party games and see what your friends prefer! Make on your signature go-to party game or explore and find more!


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