How to String Lights for an Outdoor Winter Holiday Party

christmas wreath lightsIf this is your first time entertaining, or you've moved to a new home with an outdoor space, you might be itching to plan a great winter holiday party. With weather permitting, using a deck, patio, or yard as part of your entertaining space can be a great way to vary the look of a holiday gathering and give guests an outdoor option. Of course, once you add the outdoors to the mix, lighting becomes an important concern. Before you start decking your halls, here are a few tips to make stringing lights for an outdoor Christmas or holiday party safe and easy.

Safety First:

One of the biggest concerns for lighting outdoors is making sure that all lights are safe for you and your guests. Check outdoor circuits for any potential fuse problems or sparking, and secure all cords safely out of the way. Be sure to use outdoor-safe lights that are weatherproof; our beautiful, multi-colored Lunaxia lantern strands are perfect for this; they are rainproof and excellent for both indoor and outdoor use!

Secure All Lights:

Since wind can be a problem during winter, make sure all lights and light strands are well secured. Hang lantern strands from secure gutter clips or use multiple hooks to ensure stability. This also lets you drape light strands in an appealing way! Our indoor/outdoor LED fairy light strands are also great for windy areas, as their flexible copper wiring allows them to be wrapped around fence posts, deck or patio edges, and just about anywhere else!

Be Creative:

Light strands aren’t the only way to hang up lights! Our LED flameless tealights with luminaries are a great way to create some unusual DIY hanging lights. As long as the weather is cooperating (the paper luminaries aren't rain safe) you can use a hole punch to pierce the top of each bag, then hang the beautiful luminaries on a string. Or you can set individual hooks or nails into an exterior wall and create a gorgeous vertical lighting display by hanging a luminary from each one!

Do you have any important tips about how best to hang up lights for a winter holiday party outdoors? We'd love to hear about them! Check us out on Facebook and share your holiday lighting wisdom!


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