Creating a Seasonal Tableau with Lights

Fairy Lights Winter SceneEveryone has a winter holiday to love. Whether your celebration is Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or the Winter Solstice, winter holidays are a wonderful way to find light and warmth in the darkest months.

Liven Up Your Home With Some New Holiday Décor

One of the most enjoyable parts of any winter holiday is creating décor that makes you feel the season at home. Yet even if you're a seasoned decorator, taking down the box of nutcrackers, star decorations, or even a yule log can feel a bit stale after several years of the same thing. Every winter is the chance to try out a new way of celebrating your favorite holidays, and this year can start with a beautiful holiday tableau.

What's a holiday tableau, you might ask? Much like a centerpiece, it's a vignette designed to draw the eye and serve as a focal point for a decorative theme. One of the most popular and traditional seasonal tableaus associated with Christmas is the crèche, or manger scene, which features characters associated with the birth of Jesus from the Bible's Christmas story. Yet anyone who loves a winter holiday can create a tableau as traditional or unusual as they like—the icy sky is definitely the limit!

Lighting Brings the Scene to Life

Once you've picked a theme and design for your seasonal tableau, don't forget to figure out how to light it! Lighting is one of the best ways to make your seasonal vignette stand out, which is the whole point! Rather than relying on basic overhead or lamplight to make your tableau visible, giving it a specific light source will bring your holiday décor to a whole new level.

Our favorite choice for lighting a seasonal tableau is something with a soft, velvet glow that's interesting to look at, and unusual. This sounds like the perfect place for our fairy star lights. Set on a striking copper cord, these flexible LED lights give you dozens of small, warm pricks of light which will set any scene, from a wintry wood tableau to a candy-cane jungle vignette, joyously alight. The flexibility of the copper wire allows you to bend the lights around elements of your scene, creating a framing device or all-over shine that's sure to draw eyes. With 39 feet of lit cord, our fairy lights are perfect for larger displays or brighter, smaller ones.

Brighten Up the Outdoors Too

One of the best features of our fairy lights is their extreme durability! While interior decorations are always beautiful, why not step up your winter holiday displays with an outdoor tableau as well? Wrap fairy lights around a deck display, or light up your neighbors' wintry evenings with a full-on front-yard design.

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