7 Tips And Tricks For A Successful Date Night In This Valentines 

Valentines might be a couple of months away but it is never too early to start making plans. One trend that is slowly picking up is that of date nights in. It is a refreshing break from long queues at clubs or overcrowding in restaurants during this season of love. However, there is a fine line between being complacent and being romantic as far as indoor dates are concerned. It is therefore very important to make sure you plan something that will make any outing seem dull in comparison. Below are 7 amazing tips and tricks that should help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date night in. 

1. Agree that you both want the night in The first and most important secret to success with these dates is agreeing that it is what you both want. The last thing you want is for your partner to think that you are slacking off by proposing an indoor date for valentines. It is therefore very important to make your intentions known and to get your partner’s consent and cooperation. 

2. Plan fun activities Once you are both on the same page, the next thing to do is to come up with an itinerary. You may choose to do this together or by yourself with fun surprises for your significant other. In this case, you can have anything from movie marathons to couple arts and crafts. You do not have to do it but it is a great way of giving more life and energy to the date. 


valentines decorations

3. Set the mood with great décor With the right decorations, you and your partner might just forget that you are still at home. In this case, things like candles rose petals and balloons should do the trick. Cutting up pretty much anything into heart shapes also goes a long way whether it is confetti or hand-made wall posters. If you wish to take things up a notch, proper lighting is your best friend. In this case, tea lights are the way to go. These provide the perfect balance between romance with the dim lighting and functionality. One of the best brands to go with is Frux Home and Yard with their flameless tea lights are just what your romantic night in needs. In addition to being incredibly beautiful and effective as romantic décor tools, the Frux Home and Yard tea lights are safe, easy to set up and very energy efficient. For an effortless way to add beautiful decor to your romantic evening try adding the decorative wraps in a metallic gold or white, now on sale for Amazon Prime Members!


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4. Have fun in the kitchen Another sure way to ensure that your date night in rocks is by cooking together. In this case, you really do not have to be great at it. However, simply spending time together and working on the little project will make your valentines one for the books. If things do not go as planned, you could always have takeout delivered. Either way, whether you come close to burning the kitchen or you actually come up with a decent meal, you will both have lots of fun. 


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5. Go big on the gifts If your partner was reluctant to the idea of an indoor date in the first place, one of the best ways to make it up to them is by investing in a great gift. Do not rely on the old fashioned and worn out chocolate and flowers idea. Think outside the box and get them something extra special. 


6. Couples game night with your couple friends This is a great idea if you, your significant other and your couple friends love hanging out and do not mind sharing valentines. In this case, couple game nights are perfect. They allow you to enjoy each other’s company while also working as a team. 

walking couple
7. Sneak a little outdoor time into the night schedule Finally, you can make your night in a little extra special with some outdoor time. After your meal or games, it doesn’t hurt to go out for some fresh air. In this case, you can choose to walk your dog, go star gazing on the lawn or even go for a short walk together. You may also choose to set up the dinner sight outdoors somewhere like in your backyard. In this case, the Frux Home and Yard tea lights could come in handy allowing you to set the perfect mood. 

Bottom line After all is said and done, the trick to a successful date night in over Valentines is proper planning. Just because you are not going out it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any effort into setting up the date. With the 7 foolproof tips above, you should be able to very easily come up with an indoor date night idea that stands head and shoulders above any outdoor date there is. Finally, it is also very important to ensure that you both have fun. That way, whether you have a Frux tea light lit dinner on the balcony or a movie marathon, you will both have a wonderful time.


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