Decorating Your Dorm with Flameless Lights

dorm lightingCandles are a great décor item. They give off light, are fragrant and are a great addition to centerpieces. Unfortunately, if you are living in a dorm, having an open flame is prohibited. Don’t get discouraged, you can still have candles, but without the open flame when decorating with flameless lights.

Using Flameless Pillar Candles in Your Dorm Room

Flameless pillar candles work as a décor item in your dorm room and are safe for use as there is no open flame. If you miss the look of candles, simply place flameless pillar candles on your dresser or desk, turn on and enjoy! You can go a few steps further if you want to use the flameless pillar candles in your décor. Grab some vases, hurricane lamps, or canning jars; fill with seashells, pretty rocks or marbles, insert a pillar candle, and you have an attractive decoration for your dorm room.

Light Up Your Dorm with Fairy Star Lights

Another great flameless light option for your dorm room is Fairy Star Lights. These lights are great around the perimeter of the room, woven around bed frames, or contained in a jar. The lighting from the overhead lights in dorm rooms can be harsh and artificial. Fairy Star Lights give off a warm, soft light. Hang them around the perimeter of your dorm room. The lights are flexible and easy to use. Simply string them around the room and adhere to the dorm ceiling/walls using tape. Don’t worry if the cord doesn’t reach to the outlet, Fairy Star Lights come with a battery-pack.

Fairy Star Lights work great in jars too. Simply find a jar that you like, and fill it with the lights. Plug in and you have a beautiful light-up vase. Not only does it give off light, but it also is a nice décor piece for your dorm room.

Flameless Tea Lights

Flameless tea lights are also dorm-safe. Use them as you would regular flamed tea lights. You can place them in tea light holders and jars, or place them where they will provide backlighting to a décor piece. A cool way to make a décor piece that’s virtually free is to take a Mason jar, fill it with water and insert a flameless tea light. Floating candles are easy and pretty décor items.

Can’t have a candle in your dorm room? With flameless candles and lights you can create the ambiance of candles. Flameless alternatives are easy and safe to use and dorm-monitor approved!

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