Creating Romance With Lights

fairy tea lightsAre you planning a special dinner for a loved one? Having a date night at your house, and want to create mood lighting? There’s a quick and easy way to create romance in your home—flameless lights. Follow these steps to create a romantic atmosphere.

Setting a Romantic Table for Two

Create a romantic table for two by using flameless lights. You have several options available when creating mood lighting on your table. First, set the table with dinnerware, napkins etc. until you are satisfied with the layout. If you have a large table, consider putting the place settings side by side. Next, decide what type of lighting you would like to use. Flameless pillar candles make a great centerpiece to the table setting, and because they come in different sizes, they make an impactful statement. Dim or turn off the overhead lights and “light” your flameless pillar candles for a romantic dinner for two.

Another option for setting a romantic table would be to use flameless tea lights. You could put them inside lanterns, jars, or some other clear container for instant drama. Have a beautiful plate that you want to use as a centerpiece? Simply place several tea lights on it. You could also strategically place the tea lights around the table. The tea lights won’t give off as much light as the pillar candles unless you use a lot of them. The choice is yours!

Set the Vibe in the Entertaining Room

Set the vibe in the room you will be relaxing in after dinner with flameless lights. If you have a coffee table or use a large ottoman as a table, you can set flameless pillar candles on it. Using flameless candles for décor in your home is a great way to keep your furniture safe from candle wax, and you won’t have to worry about the candle tipping over and potentially catching furniture or other items on fire. In addition to (or instead of) the pillar candles, you can use flameless tea lights. The flameless tea lights would create a romantic mood when used around the room. Put several tea lights on tables, shelves, or other flat surfaces. Have a serving tray with some desserts on it? Put a flameless tea light or two on it.

Fairy star lights can be used to set a romantic atmosphere in your home. You can string these just about anywhere as they are flexible and adjustable. String them up on the ceiling, around posts, on your mantle or any spot where you think they will create drama. These lights will enable you to turn off overhead lights and lamps to create a cozy, romantic feel.

Flameless candles are an easy way to set a romantic mood for your next stay-at-home date!

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