How I Saved My Wedding - You Won’t Believe The Solution!

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you thought, “This is going so well! Everything isperfect.” I have. It didn’t last long though.

fall centrepieces Frux Home & Yard Tea Lights

Just last year I was married on a beautiful fall day and it was perfect, every last detail went according to plan. But it almost didn’t. I had been planning my wedding for 8 months and I thought everything was going really well. That last week before the wedding was a blur, but I had my dress, the bridesmaids had theirs, the groom and groomsmen were all suited and ready to go. The venue was booked and paid for and the centerpieces were being assembled.

About a week before the wedding I got a call from my mom. She had just been to the venue ironing out some minor details and signing some paperwork for me and while she was there she found out that the venue doesn’t allow open flames anymore.

For those of you getting married soon, I highly recommend speaking to the staff of your chosen venue and find out if they allow open flames inside the building. Read your paperwork carefully! More and more venues are going flameless, and I can’t say I blame them, with the cost of insurance premiums these days.

I didn’t know what to say. My centerpieces were done, they had dozens of tea lights in them. How was I going to fix this in less than a week? I felt sick to my stomach. Everything was going perfectly, now I had no centerpieces. After I panicked for a few minutes, I realized that crying wasn’t going to get my centerpieces done, so I pulled myself together and went in search of an alternative.

flameless tea lights wedding decorI got on my computer and went to the one place that has everything: Amazon. I searched for flameless tea lights and hundreds of results came up. I was so happy I almost started crying again. The possibilities were endless and to be honest, they all looked the same. I scrolled down the page a bit and saw something that I just had to click on.

Flameless LED Tea Lights with decorative votive wraps by Frux Home and Yard. These were so beautiful and stood out from all the others. After reading some of the reviews from other satisfied customers I just had to get them. I was able to get expedited shipping through Amazon so I still had plenty of time to rework my centerpieces.

The paper wraps were just lovely and the black and ivory complemented my wedding colors perfectly. I was able to incorporate them into my centerpieces and even had them placed on the tables as decoration. The LED light was a warm amber, not a bright white, and flickered so it really did look like I had used real candles. My guests were so impressed that they wanted to take some home. I let a few go home with guests, but not many, I wanted to keep them for myself!

The candles outlasted the last wedding guest and some were still going days later. I couldn’t believe that I had actually pulled it off. I didn’t have to worry about anyone accidentally starting a fire, they didn’t go out, and my centerpieces looked amazing all night. Frux Home and Yard’s Flameless LED Tea Lights really came through for me. My wedding would not have been the same without them. And now that the big day is long over, I’m still enjoying the tea lights around my home!

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