Using Lighting In Your Halloween Décor

Decorating your home for Halloween is fun. You can be very creative and make your decorations spooky, scary and unique. One way to make your Halloween décor stand out is to use decorative lights in your design.

Invite ghosts or goblins into your home by lighting the way with Fairy Star lights. These string lights are great to wrap around tree trunks, weave through tree branches, or to adorn your porch railing. The Fairy Star lights will be a great addition to your outdoor Halloween décor. Use artificial spider webs too, in your trees or bushes, and then add Fairy Star lights for a creepy Halloween feel.

Fairy lights are great for indoors too! Use them to light up a fireplace mantle filled with Halloween decorations, or string them through decorations on a table. You can get fairy lights that are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about plugging them in!

Flameless tea lights are an easy way to spruce up your Halloween décor. Put them inside real or artificial pumpkins instead of using candles; you won’t burn your pumpkins and won’t have to worry about the flame being blown out. Flameless tea lights are also great inside plastic or Styrofoam pumpkins that you use indoors.

Light up skulls, haunted houses, knick-knacks and other spooky decorations with flameless tea lights. They will give an eerie glow to all your décor. Hosting a Halloween party? You can turn off the electric lights in your room and use the glow of the flameless tea lights for ambient lighting! Using a flameless tea light to light up scary portraits is also a fun way to decorate with lights. They offer a simple way to cast a spooky light on all your Halloween décor.

Decorate your table for Halloween with flameless pillar candles. Using a flameless pillar candle ensures you will never get wax on your table! Arrange the flameless pillar candles together in the middle of the table, then add plastic skulls, spiders and rats, and drape with some spider webs to complete the table arrangement. You can also use pillar candles throughout your home to enhance the feel of your spooky space. The flameless pillar candles will glow all throughout your Halloween party.

If you have a fireplace, you can dress it up for Halloween by putting five or six flameless pillar candles inside it. Add some creepy décor to the hearth and your room will have the look and feel of a haunted house.

There are endless ways to use decorative lights for Halloween. Get creative and think spooky!


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