5 Ways To Use Pillar Candles For Wedding Décor

Pillar CandlesCandles are usually a staple in wedding décor. You see candles at the ceremony and at the reception. Do you want to incorporate pillar candles into your wedding décor, but aren’t sure how to use them? Use this guide for 5 ways to incorporate pillar candles into your wedding décor.


Use Pillar Candles to Light the Way

Are you looking for a romantic feel for your wedding ceremony?Incorporating pillar candles into your walk down the aisle will make your big day feel like a fairytale. Pillar candles are great for lining both sides of the aisle. They come in a variety of heights and will give a dramatic feel to your walk down the aisle.

Getting married in a church that doesn’t allow open flame? Using flameless pillar candles is a great way get the mood without the safety violation. Simply place a pillar candle every few feet or so all the way down the aisle. Flameless pillar candles are also great for outdoor ceremonies; you won’t have to worry about them being blown out by the wind! Let a beautiful flameless pillar candle light the way on your big day!

Create Romance with Pillar Candles

Make your wedding ceremony feel even more romantic by placing flameless pillar candles throughout the ceremony venue. Line tables, altars and shelves with as many candles as you want. Using pillar candles as your ceremony décor is a very budget-friendly option. Pillar candles cost hundreds less than flowers, and you can re-use pillar candles at your next big event.

Create Dramatic Table Décor

Pillar candles can be integrated into any table décor. They pair well with flowers, can easily be set into vases and hurricane lamps, and are strong enough to stand on their own. Lighting is usually very low at weddings, so adding flameless pillar candles to your table will create a romantic ambience. If your wedding has a minimalist feel to it, simply place five to six assorted sizes of pillar candles on the center of the table, and voila! You have a beautiful centerpiece.

Make Pillar Candles into Lanterns

If adding pillar candles onto your tables doesn’t work for you, you can still incorporate them into your décor. There are many creative ways to do this. Placing flameless pillar candles into hanging lanterns is a creative use of lighting and candles. Decorate an outdoor wedding by strategically placing hanging hurricane lanterns with pillar candles inside. Indoor weddings can use hanging hurricane lanterns similarly, and for a bigger “wow” factor, try hanging them from the ceiling.

Give Your Guests a Gift of Light

It’s traditional at weddings to give your guests a gift to keep as a memory of the wedding. What better way for them to remember your wedding than with a pillar candle as a gift? If you are using pillar candles as centerpiece décor, you can simply announce at the end of the wedding that guests may bring one home. You can even get creative and decorate the candles with ribbon or stencil initials or words on them. If you didn't have the candles on the table, but used in décor throughout the wedding, you may want to hand them to guests as they are leaving.

There are many great ways to incorporate pillar candles into your wedding décor. The possibilities are endless. And best of all, candles are budget friendly, and you can use them again and again.

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