Top 5 Tips For Lighting Your Yard Like A Pro!

Summer is in full swing and we'd like to give you some great ways to make those warm nights on the patio, backyard barbecues, and impromptu get-togethers an extra-special event! Don’t leave your guests in the dark this summer! We have five fun ways to light up your yard for every occasion.





1) Tea Lights

Tea lights are an amazing versatile little candle. They fit pretty much anywhere, don’t give off a strong scent, and – best of all – they come in flameless varieties! Frux Home and Yard Flameless LED Tea Lights with realistic flicker are the perfect addition to any outdoor table setting. The flame won’t blow out with the wind, you can leave them unattended while you are cooking or mingling, and, because there is no flame, the tea lights will still be going strong when your last guest leaves – even that one person who doesn’t know when to leave

Put the tea lights in votives of your choosing, use the beautiful paper wraps provided, or use them as is to create the mood you want. Use them to line deck railings, tables, and stairs for added light or for something more creative, wrap wire around votives and hang them from a tree. 


2) Luminaries

Not only can you put tea lights in votives, you can also put them in luminary bags. Frux Home and Yard Flameless LED Tea Lights come with your choice of paper wraps or white luminary bags with a cutout design. The luminaries are great for creating a lighted path along your walkway or stairs. They look lovely lining your garden or patio as well.

Since the tea lights are flameless, you never have to worry about the luminaries catching fire or going out before your get-together is over. For an even brighter luminary, put two or three tea lights in each bag. 


3) Fairy Star Lights

Whimsical and ethereal, Frux Home and Yard Fairy Star Lights are a wonderful addition to any yard. The flexible copper wire makes the Fairy Star Lights incredibly versatile as they can be wrapped around just about anything. When decorating your yard or patio, consider wrapping the lights around a tree or two – just as you would with Christmas lights – or around railings. You could even use clear tape to ring your patio table with them. Fairy Star Lights come with a wall adapter and a battery adapter so you can move them around very easily. The battery adapter and lights are also waterproof; so don’t worry about leaving them out overnight.


4) 3 Piece Pillar Candles

Sometimes you need a last minute centerpiece and that’s where Frux Home and Yard’s 3 Piece Pillar Candles come in. Coated in wax but with a flameless LED light, these pillar candles look realistic but don’t have all the safety issues associated with real candles.

The set of three candles comes with three different sizes, a remote control, and a bonus round color-changing candle. The remote can be used to turn the candles on and off, change the color of the candles (or each individual candle), and change the light from a steady glow to a realistic flicker. Set up together in the middle of your patio table or placed around separately, Frux Home and Yard 3 Piece Pillar Candles make a simple and beautiful centerpiece.


5) Mini Nylon Lantern String Lights

Frux Home and Yard Mini Nylon Lantern String Lights come in multi-colored and white and both add a fun element to any party or barbecue. With 24 mini lanterns on 16 feet of cord and the ability to connect up to three strands, you’ll easily be able to find an option to suit your needs.

The colored lanterns are the perfect lights for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and impromptu get-togethers, as well as any other colorful celebrations you might have. The white lanterns are a popular choice for bridal showers, engagement parties, and weddings. They add a sophisticated and elegant touch to all your special occasions.


Browse our beautiful lighting collection and find something special today!





Browse our beautiful lighting collection and find something special today! 

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