Set The Mood For The Evening This Valentine’s Day With A Special Remote Controlled Candle Set

Pillar Candles and wine with rosesThere is something about candle lights and the flames of love and passion that makes them go very well with each other. Now imagine that you can safely and conveniently remote control the flames of the candle light so that you can focus on enjoying the evening.

Well, you do not need to limit yourself to imagining it. You can easily do it – and, since this year’s Valentine’s Day is coming, we have a suggestion for you to try it.

First of all, invite your loved one for a very special evening. Do not reveal too many details about the evening, just tell your loved one that you’re not going out – you’re staying at home, and all phones and gadgets will need to be off.

Prepare a special environment in which the both of you leave everything and the whole world outside the door, and allow yourselves to dive into a truly blissful evening.

For that, you’ll need some very special candles – and our 3 Piece Flickering Flameless LED Wax Pillar Candles with an LED Ball Candle Gift will be perfect for the occasion.

They will offer that comfortable and involving soft light with flickering flames that you need to create the perfect romantic environment – without the actual burning flames to keep you worried. After all, the only burning flames that you want to have on your mind on this special evening are those in yours and your lover’s hearts.

Start by having these convenient flameless candles providing a bit more light, and you can use the remote control to adjust the colors throughout the evening. Yes – that is what candles in romance means in the 21st century! All the magic with extra convenience and no risks!

Now, place each one of the four candles in different locations of the room according to their sizes. Oh, and don’t worry about their batteries – each of them comes with 3 AAA batteries pre-installed, and the bonus wax ball candle uses economical CR2032 button cell batteries (also included). This means that, unlike traditional candles, these special candles will not suddenly go off or burn away. How wonderful it is to know that the special light for your romantic moments will stay on for as long as you want them to… You can’t get better than this – candle magic with no candle burn out interruptions!

Now, in every spot where you have placed each one of the four candles, make sure that you also place a special chocolate, mint and chili truffle, and a short glass of Port wine for each one of you. Place also a special love note by each candle, and charmingly take your loved one throughout the room, on a journey of passion that will make your other half feel more loved, wanted and appreciated than ever, at every kiss, embrace, truffle, wine sip, and candle-lit note that you both enjoy.

As you begin this special evening and turn on the candles, turn on the music as well – maybe a few Tony Bennett’s classics to get started, and, later on, moving on to the inevitable Barry White – and do enjoy yourselves under this very special candle light.

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